We acquire, analyse and distribute information to facilitate verification of future and existing business customers and to confirm their credibility, therefore, decreasing the risk of making wrong decisions. Business intelligence makes it possible to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of business entities active on the market to help improve the competitiveness and efficiency of business operations carried out.

Business intelligence involves :


The basic legal acts that regulate the issue of unfair competition are the act on counteracting unfair competition of 16 April 1993 and the act on industrial property law of 30 June 2000. Our business investigations aim to protect brands and intellectual property, as well as to collect evidence pointing to corporate wrongdoing. Moreover, ongoing monitoring of the actions taken by business competitors makes it possible to detect any dishonest practices early and minimise losses arising from illegal actions.
Unfair competition practices include, among others.:


Investigative IT services answer the growing needs of the market dominated by electronic records circulation and an increasing number of crimes made with the use of digital data carriers.
In the virtual world, users leave behind a great amount of logs and traces of their activity which can be successfully used to identify the author of the contents.
We acquire electronic evidence of crime, fraud and wrongdoing, which may harm the interest of companies or private individuals.

With our unique method of searching and analysing data, we have a robust tool which allows us to quickly gather material with valuable data on Internet activity and digital information found online.
Our methods are also supplemented by penetrating the Internet, so-called Deep Internet and Darknet.


An important intangible asset of any company are its employees, who contribute towards company development with their attitude and skills. Monitoring currently employed staff makes it possible to verify their loyalty, competences and honesty, as well as to detect any abuse and irregularities, whereas verification of future employees simplifies the decision-making process at the HR department.

Our actions help minimise threats which may occur in the future. Staff monitoring involves:

The material collected can be used in court proceedings.